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A Diversified List from the MoneyShow San Francisco

Diversification can help mitigate risk and volatility in your portfolio over time while aiming to maximize overall return. 

Download John Buckingham’s top undervalued stock picks from the MoneyShow San Francisco.

The list is meant to serve as a portfolio foundation for new long-term investors and as a pick-list for folks already maintaining well-diversified holdings.

  • 24 undervalued stock picks with Target Prices
  • 12 detailed write-ups on stocks the Investment Team favors
  • 10 Principles of Investing with The Prudent Speculator 



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John Buckingham is the editor of The Prudent Speculator newsletter which is the #1 ranked investment newsletter by The Hulbert Financial Digest for the last 20, 25 and 30 years*.







*Past performance is not indicative of future results. The Prudent Speculator (TPS) has been the #1 ranked, not adjusted for risk, investment newsletter for the past 20, 25 and 30 years according to The Hulbert Financial Digest (as of 1.31.16). TPS is focused on value investing and was created for the individual investor. Al Frank founded TPS March 1977. John Buckingham has continued our traditions as editor of TPS.20 year ranking: 1 out of 54 newsletters, 25 year ranking: 1 out of 35 newsletters, 30 year ranking: 1 out of 21 newsletters. A newsletter’s Hulbert Financial Digest’s Ranking is based on an average of its several portfolios in the event it recommends more than one (and includes portfolios that the letters have discontinued). Rating is not indicative of future performance and may not be representative of any one client’s experience. 289-AFAM-8/24/2016