Financially Empowered Podcast

14 November 2017
John Buckingham joined Ralph Russell of Financially Empowered on November 14, 2017 to discuss investing in the U.S. stock market after the recent ... READ MORE

5 Safe Haven Dividend Plays

13 November 2017
John Buckingham shares insights into other companies that pay a dividend, like CMI, UTX, HON, IR, and ITW, now that GE has announced it is cutting its dividend by 50% (as of November 13, ... READ MORE

10 Experts Look to Oil and Gas to Energize Your Portfolio

9 November 2017
After several years of weak demand and falling prices, the oil sector has regained its footing, stabilizing above the key $50 per barrel level. For investors seeking to energize their portfolios, 10 contributors offer their top ideas in the energy sector, including opportunities in oil, natural gas, oil services and energy ... READ MORE

John Buckingham on Value vs. Growth

3 November 2017
At MoneyShow San Francisco, John Buckingham shares ideas on value stocks in a challenging year where growth stocks have made the headlines. Watch the full interview here.   Please see media disclosures for additional ... READ MORE

Patiently Holding Undervalued Stocks Through Thick and Thin

31 October 2017
John Buckingham sat down with Ed Silverstein (October 30, 2017) at The Wall Street Transcript and explained his value investing philosophy and how he patiently holds undervalued stocks through thick and thin. “Therefore, when people say, well what do you like, I tell them I like some of the things that haven’t performed. And a name that is interesting in my mind is ... READ MORE