Buckingham’s Banking Bets for Value Investors

16 August 2017
John Buckingham shares his love for value investing and why he thinks Axis Capital Holdings and Bank of America are good buys (as of August 2017.) Click here to read the full article. Please see media disclosures for additional ... READ MORE

Little-Known Newsletter Beats Market Year After Year – For Four Decades

9 June 2017
"The crowded investment newsletter business is fiercely competitive, so superior or strong performance is difficult to achieve and sustain. But one particular newsletter, The Prudent Speculator, has been beating the market year after year, not just for a brief period of time but for four decades. Yes, four decades! No wonder it has been ranked as the No. 1 investment ... READ MORE

Opinion: This is the most recommended U.S. stock

5 June 2017
Mark Hulbert shares how he thinks IBM is currently recommended by the largest number of newsletter editors as of June 2017. "Believe it or not, its IBM IBM, -0.34% , which for years has represented in many investors eyes the kind of old, stodgy and washed-up company that nimble firms like Apple AAPL, +0.60%  run circles around. But a surprisingly large number of ... READ MORE

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter Marks Four Decades of Beating the Market

22 May 2017
ALISO VIEJO, CA -- In 1977, Al Frank captured his investment convictions in a series of stock picks that became The Prudent Speculator, the number one-ranked investment newsletter*, according to Mark Hulbert and The Hulbert Financial Digest. The Prudent Speculator marks its 40-year anniversary following the same investment philosophy that inspired Al Frank to hammer ... READ MORE

How To Avoid The Trump Roller Coaster By Investing Long-Term

25 April 2017
Forbes editor, Rich Karlgaard, attended the latest Forbes Cruise for Investors and walked away with 9 central themes: emerging markets, dividends part 1, dividends part 2, U.S energy boom, incredible shrinking intelligence part 1, incredible shrinking intelligence part 2, corporate bonds beat government bonds, U.S. real estate is cheap, and your genius self. John ... READ MORE