Welcome to The Prudent Speculator community. Now that you’ve upgraded your membership, we’d like to offer some helpful guidance in navigating the Member Portal, where you will access member-specific content, resources and dedicated customer support.

 Part 1: Intro to the Newsletter

Part 2: Intro to the Market Commentary

Part 3: Intro to New Stock Picks


Part I: Intro to the performance dashboard

You can access the performance dashboard for the official PS value stock Portfolio once you log in. Think of the new dashboard as 3 rows of information:

  • Row 1: TPS Performance
  • Row 2: Target Price list downloads
  • Row 3: Anything with an archive. This includes the Newsletter, the Weekly Market Commentary and Purchase & Sales.


Step 1: Log in to the new site. Go to any page on ThePrudentSpeculator.com and click “Log In” in the top-right corner. You will be on the “Dashboard” after logging in.

Step 2: Find the blue section at the top of the page. If you’re not already on the Dashboard, then click “Dashboard” in the top menu. It looks like the image below. You see information for TPS Performance.




Step 3: Find the “Performance” information in the top-right. This benchmarks The Prudent Speculator (TPS) Portfolio against the S&P 500. You can also see the growth of a $100,000 investment since inception.



Step 4: Look at the Performance Graph. This shows performance of The Prudent Speculator Portfolio since inception.



Step 5: Click on the Target Prices area in black below the Performance information to download our latest Target Prices in pdf or Excel format.



Part II: Accessing our content library

Below please find instructions on how to find the current monthly Newsletter, Purchase & Sales and weekly Market Commentary.


Step 1: Log in to the site and find the Dashboard as you have the last previously.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the Dashboard and find the 3rd row. First, we are going to focus on the Current Newsletter.



Step 3: After you click on “Read More”, you will be taken to the Editors Note. You should see a screen like this.



Step 4: Now you can navigate through different parts of the monthly newsletter by clicking on the section at the top. Try clicking on different sections and see how the content changes.


Step 5: Go back to the Dashboard the top menu.

Step 6: Click on “See Most Recent” in the Purchase & Sales box. This will take you to the most current Purchase & Sales alerts.


Step 7: Go back to the Dashboard in the top menu.



Step 8: Find the Market Commentary box. Just like the Current Newsletter box, you are looking at the snippet to the current Market Commentary. You can use this preview to see if you remember reading this edition or if a new one has been posted. If you want to dig into this issue, just click “Read More.”


Part III: Understanding the Archives section

Today we will introduce the Archived content. The “3rd row” on the Dashboard contains the only elements that have an Archive. They are:

  • Current Newsletter
  • Purchase & Sales
  • Market Commentary

Step 1: From the Dashboard, scroll down to “Current Newsletter” and click on “See Archives”.



Step 2: Select a year using the pull-down bar. Then scroll down until you find the month you are looking for. You can go directly to any of the five sections of the newsletter by clicking on the section. Or you can download the full file as a PDF.



Step 3: Go to the “Purchases & Sales” archive by clicking on “Purchases & Sales” in the black menu bar.




Step 4: Select Year and Month using the pull-down options. Go to any archive you desire.




Step 5: Go to the Market Commentary archive by clicking on “Market Commentary” in the black menu bar. You can navigate to any year and month using the pull-down options like you did previously.




Now know how to navigate to all of the Archives. You can also access the Archives from the Dashboard. But the black menu bar is there to help you move back and forth through different types of Archives.


Part IV: Navigating your online account settings


Step 1: Log in to the site and find the Dashboard as you have the last several days.

Step 2: Click on “My Account” in the top right corner of the site.




Step 3: Once you are in the “My Account” section of the website you can update your account information under “Home”.



Step 4: Make any necessary adjustments to your account information, scroll down and click “Save Profile.”




Step 5: You can move from “Home” to “Subscriptions”, “Payments”, or “Change Password” at the top of the page. Under each of these sections you can manage your account information as needed.



This concludes our training instructions. Our goal was to demonstrate your new online account, and showcase all the content you now have access to as a member. Of course, if you are having any issues moving forward, please reach out to info@theprudentspeculator.com.