"It pays to have nerves of steel. That’s the most important lesson to emerge from The Prudent Speculator’s position as one of this country’s most successful investment newsletters of the past four decades.” - Mark Hulbert, "The Little Newsletter That Crushed the Market", Barron's

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John Buckingham is the Chief Investment Officer of Al Frank Asset Management, a division of AFAM Capital, Inc. AFAM is a registered investment advisor, edits The Prudent Speculator, and is the investment advisor to individually managed client accounts and certain mutual funds.

The newsletter average performance of The Prudent Speculator has been the #1 ranked (of 13 newsletter averages), not adjusted for risk, investment newsletter since inception, according to Mark Hulbert and The Hulbert Financial Digest as of 4/30/17. Hulbert calculates newsletter performance on a total return basis, and it is reflective of dividends, splits, corporate actions, margin (if used), and transaction costs. The use of margin magnifies gains/losses and increases risk to a portfolio. Taxes are not taken in account. More information can be found at The performance discussed above references the period starting 6/30/80 through 1/31/17.

The Prudent Speculator newsletter’s Hulbert performance calculation is based on the average of its four newsletter portfolios. Please visit, email or call 877.817.4394 for additional information regarding these portfolios. There are inherent limitations within model portfolio results as the securities are not actually purchased or sold. They may not reflect the impact, if any, of material market conditions which can affect the decisions related to the execution of securities traded in real time.

Please note that the neither the average newsletter performance as calculated by Hulbert, nor the performance of any of the newsletter portfolios, either individually or in concert, is or is intended to be representative of any individual product available through AFAM, which are subject to risks and uncertainties. No guarantee of investment performance is being provided, and no inference to the contrary should be made. There is a risk of loss from an investment in securities. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Registration of an investment adviser does not imply any certain level of skill or training.