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Inexpensive A.I. Play – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Inexpensive A.I. Play – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

With 8 mentions of A.I. in two paragraphs of its fiscal Q2 Earnings Release, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) reminded investors that Nvidia isn’t the only A.I. play.

Fundamental Principles – NVDA And Other A.I. Stocks

Fundamental Principles – NVDA And Other A.I. Stocks

There are many ways to play A.I. trends, some of which are less expensive than others. At The Prudent Speculator, we like our Value alternatives to Nvidia (NVDA).

Roaring Kitty Not The Only One Who Can Send Stock Prices Gyrating

Roaring Kitty Not The Only One Who Can Send Stock Prices Gyrating

The GameStop saga opened another chapter this week as Keith Gill (aka Roaring Kitty) came out of hiding to disclose a $116 million position in the Meme stock.

Kiplinger: Yields to Pounce On

Kiplinger: Yields to Pounce On

John Buckingham was featured in Kiplinger’s Yields to Pounce On article.   Andrew Tanzer writes, “We found enticing yields in nine categories, ranging from 3% to 12%, depending on risk.”        

Mentions from members of the press

Phil Van Doorn
Philip Van Doorn,
In Market Watch

“The Prudent Speculator is published by Kovitz Investment Group of Chicago and remains at the top of the list for 30-year returns among newsletters tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest. The TPS portfolio’s average annualized 30-year return is 14.5% through June 30, compared with 9.9% for the S&P 500, with dividends reinvested monthly, according to Hulbert.”

Jane Wollman Rusoff
Jane Wollman Russoff,
in Think Advisor

“A long-time value investor whose largest holdings are in technology, John Buckingham is clearly not your typical value portfolio manager. That shows up… in a striking record of picking winning equities for more than 30 years. Principal and portfolio manager of Chicago-based Kovitz, he has been managing the Al Frank Fund (VALUX) from its inception in 1998. Since then, through Jan. 7, 2022, it has realized an annualized return of 10.79%, compared with 7.9% for the Russell 3000 Value Index and 8.75% for the S&P 500.”

Mark Hulbert
Mark Hulbert, Finance Analyst, Journalist & Author, in Barrons

“It pays to have nerves of steel. That’s the most important lesson to emerge from the Prudent Speculator’s position as one of this country’s most successful investment newsletters of the past four decades.

The Prudent Speculator’s model portfolios on average produced a 16,937% gain, versus 4,952% for buying and holding the broad stock market. That’s equivalent to the difference between 15.1% and 11.3%, annualized.”