Insurance is an important part of financial planning. While auto insurance or health insurance might be top of mind, there are other types of insurance available to help manage risk and absorb financial shocks. While worst-case-scenarios might stoke the deepest feelings of uncertainty, insurance coverage can provide other benefits, including tax benefits, risk mitigation and more.

  • Diversification

    Insurance can serve as an investment that’s independent from moves in the equity or bond markets.

  • Financial Security

    While insurance can be expensive, there are some situations where a well-placed insurance policy offers stability during times of market tumult.

  • Tax Benefits

    In some situations, insurance can offer tax-free investment growth or tax-free benefits. Life insurance policies can help mitigate or shield heirs from federal or state estate taxes.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Insurance policies might not need to eliminate all risk and are effective in lowering risk to a tolerable level for an individual or family.

  • Supplemental Coverage

    Umbrella policies or umbrella insurance coverage fills in after other primary policies hit their limits. These policies can cover a wide range of shortfall, including injuries, damage, lawsuits and liability.

Insurance can be expensive and isn’t necessary in many financial plans, but a thorough review of one’s entire wealth and coverage can help identify areas where risk mitigation is helpful.

A Foundation For Building Wealth

Our broad suite of investment opportunities come together as a foundation for wealth building through our comprehensive financial planning capabilities, which are extensive and touch on a wide range of areas, dependent on client-specific needs. We provide an objective and long-term approach to constructing your customized financial plan. We work as a team and function as the “quarterback” between you and your existing attorneys, tax advisors and insurance agents. And, in cases where you aren’t currently engaged with these professionals, we have a network to which we can connect you.

Our wealth advisors and financial planners are seasoned professionals who have spent much of their careers performing objective planning. Our process addresses investment management, estate planning and tax-related issues. Our process typically includes:

  • A cash flow plan that serves as a roadmap to ensure you are optimally allocated between Core Compounders, Stores of Value, Opportunistic Investments and Diversifiers, and that you are saving appropriately to achieve your goals – including spending before and during retirement, as well as incorporating philanthropic and legacy goals.
  • A comprehensive review – and recommendations on all other aspects of your financial life, including compensation & employee benefits, risk management (personal insurance) and tax planning.
  • A review of your existing estate plans and a “coaching” call to prepare you for meeting with an estate planning attorney, once you are at that stage in your financial life.

Tax Benefits, Risk Mitigation