Retirement planning is often a key part of financial planning, and it focuses on retirement’s four-phased journey: pre-retirement, early retirement, mid-retirement, and late retirement. The overall aim is to adequately prepare for the future, such that you are in a position to accomplish your personal financial goals during those phases of your life.

The process usually includes formulations of the following: setting your retirement goals, estimating the amount of money you will need, projecting the long-term investment returns you will need to meet your goals, then allocating to an investment portfolio to grow your retirement savings and periodically reviewing your progress, making adjustments where necessary.

Retirement Planning



Common items discussed during the retirement planning process are:

  • Assets and liabilities
  • Income and expenses, both in present and future quantities
  • Estimated social security or pension plan income
  • Identification and prioritization of goals
  • Upcoming expenditures and capital needs
  • Ability to save a portion of income
  • Lifestyle, health and lifespan factors

Like many aspects of financial health, retirement planning requires updates along the way as needs and market dynamics change.

A retirement plan custom-crafted to fit you will bring additional peace of mind when it comes to the future, even if you have already retired. Outlining a clear path between the present day and one’s goals, with professional support, analytics and discussion can go a long way in keeping individuals on their chosen path.