Since 1977, The Prudent Speculator has followed an approach to investing that focuses on broadly diversified investments in undervalued stocks for their long-term appreciation potential. We like stocks and we like a lot of them in our portfolios. We thought readers of our August 2023 Special Report, Value Stocks: A Dollar Bill for Fifty Cents, might be interested in a set of stock picks that we think would nicely fit into a broadly diversified portfolio.

We’ve assembled the table of 24 Value stocks based on their attractive fundamental metrics and our analysis of their business prospects. We believe the bunch trade at sizable discounts relative to their potential future value, while each stock changes hands at a forward P/E ratio well below that of the major Value indexes AND below the average earnings multiple of our multi-capitalization Value portfolios.

Value stocks


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TPS Special Report - Investing in Value Stocks Picks, August 2023