2 Ports In The Storm: GILD And BMY Offer A Haven In A Turbulent Market

23 September 2022
Following another ugly market week, the average U.S. stock is now trading in Bear Market territory. Of course, such was also the case in 2020 and 2018 and 2016 and more than a few other periods throughout market history. Such is the hardship that must be endured to achieve significant long-term returns on equities. While I think that there are plenty of long-term ... READ MORE

3 Undervalued Bank Stocks To Buy Now

16 September 2022
Bank stocks have been surprisingly weak this year with the KBW Bank Index off as much as the S&P 500. I don’t think the punishment fits the crime and I believe the big selloff creates an intriguing buying opportunity. It was nice to see a prominent bank stock analyst echo what I have been stating for a while now. Wells Fargo’s Mike Mayo said this week, “The ... READ MORE
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3 Undervalued High Yielding Stocks – In Dividends We Trust

9 September 2022
I understand that stocks historically have been far more volatile than bonds, so it makes sense that the financial press will focus on the losses with headlines like Dow Falls Sharply As Rate Worries Linger during the downturns. However, we are puzzled by upbeat language such as Yields Climb on Economic Hopes utilized by the media of late in discussing the carnage in ... READ MORE

3 Stocks That Could Benefit From Powell Channeling Volcker

2 September 2022
Mark Twain purportedly said, “History doesn’t always repeat, but it often rhymes,” so it would make sense to look at what transpired in the equity markets the last time inflation was rearing its supposedly ugly head as it is today. Indeed, Jerome H. Powell saw fit to invoke the name of Paul Volcker, Fed Chair from 1979 to 1986, in his speech last week from the ... READ MORE


19 August 2022
Our Inflation 101B Special Report is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking here. Although the increase in the Consumer Price Index in July was not as high as in June, inflation is front and center in the minds of economists, market watchers and everyday folks. U.S. inflation was ramping up towards the end of 2021 and soared subsequent to the onset of the ... READ MORE

TPS SPECIAL REPORT: 2022 Outlook Mid-Year Update

15 July 2022
Our 2022 Outlook Mid-Year Update Special Report is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking here. To say that 2022 has been a tough year in the financial markets would appear to be a major understatement. After all, the S&P 500 tumbled 8.4% in June, skidded 16.5% in Q2 and plunged 20.6% in Q1. Not surprisingly, the media was quick to trumpet that stocks posted ... READ MORE

TPS SPECIAL REPORT: 7 Stocks to Buy While Mr. Market is Depressed

29 June 2022
Our 7 Stocks to Buy While Mr. Market is Depressed Special Report is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking here. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” The well-known quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt seems apt to describe the state of affairs in the equity markets these days. After all, folks are about as pessimistic today as they have been at any ... READ MORE


16 May 2022
Our Special Report, Stay The Course is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking clicking here. After gaining more than 120% between March 23, 2020 and January 3 of this year, the S&P 500 index, a benchmark of the 500 largest companies in the U.S., has fallen nearly 20% over the last four months. In addition to the War in Ukraine, a sharp uptick in inflation, which ... READ MORE

TPS SPECIAL REPORT: Small Companies, Big Potential

11 March 2022
Our Special Report on Small Companies, Big Potential is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking here.  Four and a half decades ago in the first edition of our The Prudent Speculator newsletter, Al Frank (founder of Al Frank Asset Management, which was aquired by Kovitz in 2018), wrote, “Essentially, the PS method is to ‘buy low and sell high.’ Low refers to ... READ MORE

TPS SPECIAL REPORT: Don’t Forget About Value

22 February 2022
Our Don't Forget About Value Special Report, a long-read on value stocks, is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking here. Value has always been top of mind for us. Despite the broad U.S. equity indexes posting negative returns in January, there was a renewed enthusiasm for stocks in the Value camp, especially those stocks that were left behind in the post-pandemic ... READ MORE

Think Advisor: A Few of John Buckingham’s Favorite Stocks for 2022

21 January 2022
The link to, A Few of John Buckingham's Favorite Stocks for 2022 is available by Clicking here Think Advisor Interview In John's interview with Think Advisor, he discusses the stock market outlook plus his favorite stocks for 2022. There's More We frequently publish market-oriented content on our Blog and reach thousands of subscribers each through our weekly Market ... READ MORE

TPS SPECIAL REPORT: 2022 Stock Market Chartbook

20 January 2022
The Most Important Charts of 2022 Special Report is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking clicking here. “Read last year’s forecasts before you take next year’s too seriously,” advised Morgan Housel, a partner at The Collaborative Fund, to his Twitter followers. Sound advice, we think, even as our desks are stacked high with 2022 Outlooks to read from all ... READ MORE

TPS SPECIAL REPORT: Where to Invest in 2022

21 December 2021
Our Where to Invest in 2022 Special Report is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking  clicking here Far more COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths than anyone might have fathomed. Concerns about potential capital gains, corporate and personal income tax hikes. A couple of debt-ceiling chess matches and geopolitical twists and turns. Rising interest and ... READ MORE
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TPS SPECIAL REPORT: Morningstar Stars & Ratings

7 July 2021
Our Morningstar 5-Star Supernovas Special Report, a review of Morningstar ratings, is available in Adobe pdf format by clicking here. Warren Buffett states, “In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” And even though investors are constantly bombarded with the standard compliance warning that past performance is no guarantee ... READ MORE

John Buckingham on Value vs. Growth

3 November 2017
At MoneyShow San Francisco, John Buckingham shares ideas on value stocks in a challenging year where growth stocks have made the headlines. Watch the full interview here.   Please see media disclosures for additional ... READ MORE

Patiently Holding Undervalued Stocks Through Thick and Thin

31 October 2017
John Buckingham sat down with Ed Silverstein (October 30, 2017) at The Wall Street Transcript and explained his value investing philosophy and how he patiently holds undervalued stocks through thick and thin. “Therefore, when people say, well what do you like, I tell them I like some of the things that haven’t performed. And a name that is interesting in my mind is ... READ MORE

These four fund managers’ secret to success: Don’t go with your gut on stocks

12 September 2017
John Buckingham was one of the four portfolio managers featured in Philip Van Doorn's article  (September 11, 2017) about their secret to success. John shares “’The gist of second-level thinking is the whole crux of value investing’, Buckingham said. ‘We are trying to buy things that are on sale, because investors have lost interest in the company because of ... READ MORE

Buckingham’s Banking Bets for Value Investors

16 August 2017
John Buckingham shares his love for value investing and why he thinks Axis Capital Holdings and Bank of America are good buys (as of August 2017.) Click here to read the full article. Please see media disclosures for additional ... READ MORE

Little-Known Newsletter Beats Market Year After Year – For Four Decades

9 June 2017
"The crowded investment newsletter business is fiercely competitive, so superior or strong performance is difficult to achieve and sustain. But one particular newsletter, The Prudent Speculator, has been beating the market year after year, not just for a brief period of time but for four decades. Yes, four decades! No wonder it has been ranked as the No. 1 investment ... READ MORE