Opinion: This is the most recommended U.S. stock

5 June 2017
Mark Hulbert shares how he thinks IBM is currently recommended by the largest number of newsletter editors as of June 2017. "Believe it or not, its IBM IBM, -0.34% , which for years has represented in many investors eyes the kind of old, stodgy and washed-up company that nimble firms like Apple AAPL, +0.60%  run circles around. But a surprisingly large number of ... READ MORE

The Prudent Speculator Newsletter Marks Four Decades of Beating the Market

22 May 2017
ALISO VIEJO, CA -- In 1977, Al Frank captured his investment convictions in a series of stock picks that became The Prudent Speculator, the number one-ranked investment newsletter*, according to Mark Hulbert and The Hulbert Financial Digest. The Prudent Speculator marks its 40-year anniversary following the same investment philosophy that inspired Al Frank to hammer ... READ MORE

How To Avoid The Trump Roller Coaster By Investing Long-Term

25 April 2017
Forbes editor, Rich Karlgaard, attended the latest Forbes Cruise for Investors and walked away with 9 central themes: emerging markets, dividends part 1, dividends part 2, U.S energy boom, incredible shrinking intelligence part 1, incredible shrinking intelligence part 2, corporate bonds beat government bonds, U.S. real estate is cheap, and your genius self. John ... READ MORE

Retail companies are major ‘value traps’ in 2017, analyst warns

24 March 2017
On March 22, 2017 John Buckingham appeared on CNBC's Closing Bell and discussed retail companies. John is bullish on retailers and thinks there are many sectors with great deals due to great balance sheets and dividend yields and reasonable valuations. He thinks there is opportunity out there for those with a long-term outlook. John sees American Eagle Outfitters, Kohls, ... READ MORE

Value Investing With AFAM Capital’s John Buckingham

10 March 2017
John Buckingham appeared on the WSJ MoneyBeat with Stephen Grocer, Spencer Jakab, and Chris Dieterich on March 9, 2017. He discusses the 40th anniversary of The Prudent Speculator newsletter, which is March of 1977, and his very own 30th anniversary with the firm. John says that you can't just look at P/E ratios and must consider interest rates and other factors. Though ... READ MORE

The Little Newsletter That Crushed the Market

28 February 2017
In a recent Barron’s article, The Little Newsletter That Crushed the Market, Mark Hulbert put it this way: It pays to have nerves of steel. That’s the most important lesson to emerge from The Prudent Speculator’s position as one of this country’s most successful investment newsletters of the past four ... READ MORE

John Buckingham on CNBC Asia

16 February 2017
John Buckingham appeared on CNBC Street Signs on 2/16/17 and discussed the events in Washington. He thinks that these events have led to heightened uncertainty for investors, yet the markets have moved to all-time highs. These all-time highs are due to the earnings and health of the U.S. economy which continues to strengthen. He calls it a Trump rally or an anti-Clinton ... READ MORE

Bloomberg Markets: Buckingham on ‘Surprising’ Market

30 January 2017
Bloomberg Radio 01/12/2017       Announcer: Global business news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg.com, the RadioPlus mobile app, and on your radio. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Charlie Palette: From Bloomberg World headquarters I’m Charlie Palette. Now the S&P, NASDAQ are all declining we are well off our session lows. At one point ... READ MORE

The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make In 2017

18 January 2017
John Buckingham was one of seven investors featured in Bottom Line Personal's article titled “The Shrewdest Money Moves You Can Make In 2017.” John believes that under the Trump administration, U.S. economic growth will be stimulated. He always favors dividend-paying stocks and thinks that some drug companies have recently become undervalued and utilities are ... READ MORE

Forget Buffett — four unsung investment gurus are picking these eight stocks for 2017

12 January 2017
Michael Brush with MarketWatch has been a follower of value investment newsletters for some time now and believes that people need to stop paying so much attention to financial-market icons and look at some of the other successful investors, investment-newsletter writers. John Buckingham, editor of The Prudent Speculator newsletter, was featured in his article as ... READ MORE

11 tax-loss stocks to pick up before the end of the year

22 December 2016
John Buckingham was interviewed by Michael Brush of MarketWatch and shared some of his favorite tax-loss stocks (as of 12/26/2016). John shared how he liked to look for "dividend-paying companies whose share prices are down more than 10% since the start of the year and trade below his target price for them." This list includes Gilead, Abbott Laboratories, CVS Health, ... READ MORE

Will U.S. equities continue heading up?

5 December 2016
John Buckingham was interviewed on CNBC following the election results. He thinks that we will get a pro growth administration during the Trump presidency. He thinks that long-term investors should be adding money to their portfolios. Like Warren Buffet, he believes that in 3-5 years and 20-30 years stocks will go up. Short-term is much harder to figure out and can create ... READ MORE
Is Stock Picking dead No says John Buckingham

Is Individual Stock Picking Dead? Buckingham Responds

8 November 2016
The following is a transcription of Carol Massar and Cory Johnson interviewing John Buckingham on Bloomberg Radio. The interview took place on October 18, 2016 in New York. Highlights from interview There will always be a market for individual stock pickers "We're overweight in technology" because of long term growth potential If you want to be a C student, and be ... READ MORE

John Buckingham on CNBC

27 October 2016
10/25/16: John Buckingham, Chief Investment Officer at AFAM Capital, appeared on CNBC discussing the recent surge in mergers and acquisitions. He thinks that  the low cost of financing and the need to grow their top-line and bottom-line in a slow growth environment impact this recent activity. John also talks about the AT&T and Time Warner Cable ... READ MORE

Where are oil prices heading?

25 May 2016
John Buckingham discusses oil on CNBC. He says that supply and demand have a great deal to do with oil prices. The demand side seems to be supply but some of the supply has been an issue, but has been curtailed lately. He thinks oil goes up in the long run and does have exposure to it (as of May 17, 2016).           Click here to view the ... READ MORE

Opinion: U.S. stocks have enough fuel to power out of a slump

13 May 2016
John Buckingham was quoted in MarketWatch saying "The number of first-time filings for unemployment benefits, at 274,000 for the last week in April, is well below the 361,000 average over the past 50 years", points out John Buckingham of The Prudent Speculator, an investment newsletter. The Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) non-manufacturing index (NMI) rose to ... READ MORE

Pro: Impossible to successfully time the market

10 May 2016
John Buckingham appeared on CNBC on May 10, 2016. John likes biotech stocks like Gilead and Amgen because they are trading at attractive valuations. If Hillary comes to power we will see what happens with the possibility of price controls and increased regulation. John already owns a sufficient amount of Apple, but if he didn't, he would be a buyer today (May 10, ... READ MORE

GM, Mosaic are top stock bets: Investor

13 April 2016
On April 13, 2016 John was interviewed on CNBC. At the time, John and team saw opportunity in dividend-paying stocks with interest rates at a low. Companies have been focused on rewarding shareholders via dividends, and General Motors was one example of this. According to John, the "new" GM is in much better financial shape. John also likes Mosaic because he is optimistic ... READ MORE

MoneyLife Radio March 10, 2016

11 March 2016
John Buckingham appeared on MoneyLife radio on March 10, 2016. At the time, John said he looks for undervalued and out of favor companies who have low P/E ratios, low price to book value, low price to sales ratios. He also likes dividends and gives a premium to companies who reward with a regular income stream. He differs in his affection for technology, with portfolios ... READ MORE

Investors just went bonkers, so you know it’s time to buy stocks

24 February 2016
"Dividend-paying stocks that look particularly cheap now include Gilead Sciences GILD , General Motors GM, Kohl’s KSS , Seagate Technology STX, and Wells Fargo WFC", said John Buckingham (February 24, 2016) of The Prudent Speculator, a value-oriented stock investment letter that receives high-rankings for long-term performance from Hulbert Financial ... READ MORE